Scholarships for foreign students in France

Numerous scholarships are available for international students to assist them pay for their studies in France and Europe through public institutions in France and the Erasmus+ program.

Campus bourses: the essential resource for funding

Campus Bourses (Campus Scholarships) offers details on the financial aid available to international students. The tool includes a comprehensive list of all aid offered by French and international States, local governments, businesses, foundations, and universities. Search with a nationality, field, and level of education filter to locate the help that fits your profile.

Scholarships of the foreign ministry

Numerous scholarships are given to international students by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 25% of these fellowships are directly funded by the Ministry through the Major or Eiffel programs (for Master’s or Doctoral level studies) (for the best foreign students who have graduated from French high schools abroad). France’s embassies abroad offer the remaining items.

To find out which scholarship programs you qualify for, speak with the Campus France office there immediately.

Scholarships offered by the ministry of higher education

Some international students are also given scholarships by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research depending on social factors. Students who have lived in France for at least two years and who pay French taxes are eligible. Additionally, the Ministry provides funding for doctorate contracts overseen by doctoral schools.

The National Center for Scientific Study (CNRS), which covers all fields of research, the Institute for Research and Development (IRD), the Environmental and Energy Control Agency (ADEME), and the IFREMER are a few examples of public organizations that do public research in France (French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea). These public organizations fund research budgets for PhD and post-doctoral students in collaboration with the regions.

Finally, several higher education institutions provide scholarship programs to admitted international students. Contact their department of foreign affairs for additional information.

Awards from local authorities for scholarships

Foreign students enrolling in programs in French regions and towns receive scholarships. Additionally, they give out postdoctoral and doctorate fellowships, which are handled by universities and research centers. In accordance with exchange agreements with foreign institutions, regional scholarships may also be given to international students.

The mobility scholarships for foreign students under erasmus+

The European Union’s Erasmus + initiative promotes youth, sport, education, and training. Students can gain access to a mobility bursary in Europe through it.

Regardless of their subject of study, the top students in the world are given scholarships for one or two years through the Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s offer. These students must complete their master’s degree in at least two participating nations in order to be eligible for one. A number of French universities provide joint Master’s degree programs.

Erasmus+ also provides mobility scholarships from and to France within the framework of bilateral agreements between institutions of higher learning. They pay for relocation and lodging expenses. Ask the institution you are enrolled at for further information.

The previous Erasmus programs are still in operation.

Some collaborative PhD programs continue to offer scholarships and are still supported by the previous Erasmus Mundus program. But as part of Horizon 2020, the European Union’s program for research and innovation, European joint doctorates (EJD) will gradually take their place.